Welcome to Pretty Little Leader! I’m Ebony, and I’m on a mission to bust up the myth that women are not effective leaders!

Gender matters when the topic of leadership is discussed. As an experienced Global Engineering Leader, my lives purpose is to bust up the myth that women are not effective leaders; I am a part of the small percentage of women who have risen to the executive ranks within Fortune 500 companies. The Pretty Little Leader podcast, is a bold communication on the tactics and strategies required to navigate career progress within organizations no matter the industry.

As an unapologetic leader, I have disrupted cultural norms and elevated the expectations of my peers globally. I am a game changer to say the least! Pretty Little Leader aims to equip my fellow womankind to be game changers as well. I understand the challenges that exist and weill clearly chart the path for rising female leaders across borders. I will help navigate the anticipated gender and race gaps domestically, and teach women how to layer their movement swith strategy and savvy activation of emotional intelligence to lead in a global environment.

As founder and CEO of Marteen Holland Group, LLC. my team and I have guided countless clients to achieve their career and unique business goals. I am also content contributor for the BOLD Career JourneyTM a product of  Upstream HR strategies. BOLD is designed to decode the promotion puzzle and equip leaders with skill driven career path clarity for employees. How was I able to rise to corporate executive, become an author, podcast host and CEO while maintaining a healthy fun filled marriage and an active mommy of three, you ask? By authoring my own narrative, setting life priorities, making intentional decisions, and learning how to be an iron fist in a velvet glove, and understanding the difference between “power”  at the office and at home.

About the Host

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Ebony Wiley

Ebony Wiley is the founder of Pretty Little Leader Podcast, where she helps ladies anticipated gender or race challenges in their careers while ensuring their personal lives don’t get lost in the shuffle.

During the day, Ebony is the Leadership Initiatives Leader for the Center for Engineering Leadership at Rice University. After 18 years in corporate America with extensive experience in defining strategic goals, leading global engineering teams in customer negotiations, proposal development and identifying new business opportunities.

Outside the microphone, Ebony is the CEO of Marteen Holland Group, LLC., a career and business consulting firm. Marteen Holland provides guidance via career coaching & planning, job transition, leadership development. She is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and 2020 Women on Boards Houston Steering committee. Ebony grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and lives in Houston, Texas with her husband and three children.