July 1, 2020



Why Pretty Little Leader was created?

PLL was created out of pure need.  Ebony Wiley recognized  common shortfalls women  experience like  how just performing and working hard is not enough! In effort to  enlighten more than just her personal network, Ebony started Pretty Little Leader Podcast to be more of a fireside chat amongst friends. In this episode, Ebony uses the performance is not enough example to try to drive the point home to her audience.  "Some of us are playing a game without access to the “playbook”. PLL’s goal is to change that!"

Hopefully, this podcast will connect with the woman who has the ability to lead in whatever industry. The woman who has skills, hopes, and dreams but need help figuring out the “game and its playbook”. The woman who has been passed over for a promotion, the woman who needs a boost in courage to ask for more money, the woman who needs help with the strategy to navigate the treacherous jungle of working outside the home. Yeah you...that’s who! 

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