Sept. 2, 2020

Level Up with B.O.L.D. -An Interview with Erika Migliaccio

Level Up with B.O.L.D. -An Interview with Erika Migliaccio

Level up using your B.O.L.D brains (Business, Operating, Leadership, and Domain).

Erika Migliaccio  is the Managing Founder of Upstream HR Strategies.  Where the mission is  to delight customers with bold ideas and impact, expand the bounds of “traditional HR” and deliver uncommon HR service that will forever change the way one views their organization talent or personal career. 

Erika spent 20 years as an Executive HR Leader at General Electric. Over her years at GE, Erika made the trek up career mountain as an individual, promoted to Executive by age 30, as a coach and as a decision-maker.  She realized that by experiencing the career journey from multiple angles, she had a unique perspective. She felt equipped and obligated to become a better “Career Sherpa,” and now focuses her work on equipping others to blaze their BOLD path to career success, utilizing the BOLD Career Compass: a powerful and practical tool that guides individuals and organizations as they navigate the complex path of professional development. 

Listen in as we walk through how to use your BOLD brains to develop a strategic plan, avoid typical failure modes, obtain sponsorship,  and negotiate your worth.

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