Sept. 23, 2020

Spot the Gap- An interview with Tabatha Barron

Spot the Gap- An interview with Tabatha Barron

We spot gaps everyday! A gap, is a market segment that is not yet being served. What are you waiting for?

Tabatha Barron is the founder if  Keeping Your Kids Safe. A system to notify parents/guardians of method of transport and time of their child's dismissal from school. Her system is currently active in schools in the Greater Houston area. Tabatha is utilized her training as an engineer to spot a need and turned it into a business. She is now an entrepreneur who's service is bringing an element of security to parents in this challenge time we live in. Listen in as we discuss how she spotted a problem and create a business to solve it!

Here are a few points discussed during the interview:

  • Making data driven decisions
  • Using pain points to create a business
  • Creating a product, designing for use
  • Project management skills in business

Keeping Your Kids Safe