July 15, 2020

The Power of a Good Strategy - An Interview with Kyra Rénel, MBA

The Power of a Good Strategy - An Interview with Kyra Rénel, MBA

Vision and strategy are foundational pieces in life. While you need a strong vision to define your goal, it’s ultimately your strategy that helps you achieve your goal.

Kyra Rénel, MBA founder of The Kyra Company and author of Be a Brilliant Business Owner and CEO.

During this interview Kyra enlightens us on how valuable having a strategy in your personal life and in business are.  She explains the importance of having a clear business strategy and accountability partners to ensure success. Kyra shares how a drastic life change catapulted her starting The Kyra Company.  She also mentions how over a cup of coffee one of her girlfriends identified her strategic gift and partnered with her to draft the vision. Kyra changed her mindset from being corporately brainwashed on how to show up, look, and dress to creating her own narrative. She acknowledged her blindspots and surrounded herself with a network of people who had the required expertise.

The Kyra Company is focused on the successful development of your business and the leaders within. The goal is to create value and offer resources that provide solutions and support  organizations. Kyra's flagship product is the CEO performance management program. Visit www.thekyracompany.com to learn more about The Kyra Company.

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