Aug. 26, 2020

Use that Spark - An Interview with Ezenwayni Abii

Use that Spark - An Interview with Ezenwayni Abii

A fire is started by a simple spark. Likewise one conversation can change one's life trajectory.

Ezenwanyi Abii is a multi-passionate entrepreneur who recently retired from her corporate job in Oil & Gas to focus on building her businesses in Law, Real Estate and Business Strategy. She is the owner/ Managing Attorney at Abii & Associates, PLLC in Houston, TX where she works with business owners and Real Estate entrepreneurs with their legal, business, real estate and estate planning needs. On a limited capacity she advises entrepreneurs or budding entrepreneurs on branding & business strategy. 

Her non-working hours are spent with her 2 children, reading, writing, painting, time with friends and other projects as the inspiration strikes. A recent one being FOSHTY (From our – ISH-hole countries to You) a limited-edition podcast featuring open conversations with African immigrants about their life experiences growing up in the US. @abiilegal

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